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Marble Stella Maris

Marble Stella Maris clients’ special offer for summer 2023 by Meet the Sea in selected experiences.

A bit of history

A hotel in Cap Negret near Sant Antoni that was built in the 1970’s. A romantic choice for us as our founder’s birthplace was only a few meters away. A small town in itself, the architecture of the hotel deserves praise with its timeless charm. The arches that decorate many of the bungalows are reminiscent of those that preside traditional ibicenco farmhouses. The narrow winding paths, the mediterranean gardens and the use of wooden beams are a great example of simple design made timeless.

The hotel is near the small bay of Cala Gració and tiny Cala Gracioneta. They are two secluded, quiet and fun spots to visit in the glorious bay of Sant Antoni. The bay offers visitors a great opportunity to snorkel and enjoy underwater beauty. Why not let us show you a great boat adventure at sea with us? Terrific fun, entertainment, adventure and yes, a bit of marine education!

Why the discount for Marble Stella maris?

We are very fond of the clientele from this hotel that has blessed with their presence since we started our boat trips in 2020. They have truly shown a great spirit : curious, adventuresome, eager to enjoy the sea and courageous.

Obviously we have great memories of Cap Negret, a place with incredible sunsets. We also cherish the countless days of snorkelling as a child in Cala Gracio. All these circumstances combined have resulted in the Stella maris having a special place in our hearts!

Come enjoy a great boat adventure with us and let us entice you with a small discount!

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What our customers say:

We are thrilled to welcome you in any of our experiences soon!

Marble stella maris

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