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Colonya Caixa Pollença Ethic Savings

Colonya Caixa Pollença “Ethic Savings” program provides funding for small local companies committed to social inclusion and sustainability.

On Friday, 5th of May 2023 the annual “Ethic savings” awards hosted by Caixa Pollença took place at Apfem Ibiza. We are honoured to be one of the companies who received funding based on our commitment to social content and sustainability.

What is Colonya Caixa Pollença Ethic Savings?

Colonya Caixa Pollença is a savings bank based in the island of Majorca with presence in all the Balearic islands. Colonya’s relatively small size allows for a truly personalised relationship and bespoke services for their local client base.

We started our relationship with Colonya back in 2020, when Meet the Sea sought funding our Family boat trip. A difficult moment for us all, as rumours of the pandemic were about to translate into lockdown. With the new season only a few months away, we were grateful and surprised that our loan went ahead. And in July, Meet the Sea organised its maiden trip thanks in part to the support of Colonya.

“Estalvi ètic” or Ethical savings is a scheme pioneered by Colonya to fund small companies based in Majorca, Minorca and Ibiza. These companies promote equality, opportunity for the disadvantaged, sustainability or commitment to the environment. Any of these areas as main corporate objective warrants the consideration of Colonya’s Ethic committee for financial support.

This is how it works: Clients donate 20 € per year to the cause. Additionally, the bank lends 5% of their insurance premiums, 0,35% of their loan revenue and 5 € per very card issued. And that brings the 2023 total to a sum of 413,000 € destined entirely to applying companies.

Ethic savings distribution criteria

An external and therefore independent committee sets the rules and criteria for a favourable decision. Crucially, companies must show actions that favor inclusion and sustainability in their actions. It is Colonya’s way to favour ethical banking practices applied to small local companies. And this year, 142 companies from Mallorca, 32 from Minorca and 24 from Ibiza obtained a welcome surplus.

We want to congratulate Colonya for a palpable and direct action to promote ethical banking. Finally, we join other companies in Ibiza in thanking them for supporting our cause. Onwards with education and entertainment at sea for families around the world.

The TUI sustainability diploma

The TUI sustainability diploma is a valuable and accurate method to ascertain a company’s commitment to sustainability in daily operations.

The role of sustainability tested

The GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council) establishes and manages global standards for sustainable travel and tourism. The sustainability diploma issued by GSTC has been adopted by TUI as a means to ensure that their guests visit destinations where suppliers act responsibly. And we, Meet the Sea, as hosts to more than 2,000 TUI guests in 2022 in Our Family Boat trip, faced the test. Are our daily operations up to the standards set by TUI and GSTC?

General Information about Meet the Sea

The self-assessment begins with questions about our commitment to promoting local employment. After, ways in which we support the local economy and the promotion of gender equality and women empowerment. Finally, an analysis of best practices for the reduction of water and energy consumption and reduction of emissions. The correct disposal of solid waste and the avoidance of the introduction of invasive species closes the preliminary survey.

We found this initial section to be solid and in keeping with the philosophy that any modern company should seek to uphold. Crucially, Meet the sea is fortunate that the core of our philosophy and sustainability credo is led by three women out of four key management positions.

Nature of our Boat trip activity and sites

Minimisation of impact on the natural sites we visit, group size and frequency of visits is next on the survey. This was a key aspect, as we visit daily the stunning Natural Reserve of the island of Conejera, home to beautiful waters and species. We take our clients in snorkelling tours designed by a marine biologist always in small groups. As a result, the client enjoys a bespoke experience and the environment suffers minimal impact.

The bay of San Antonio offers a wealth of cultural heritage that we highlight through local landmarks such as Torre d’en Rovira. Built in the XVIII century to alert locals to the presence of incoming pirates, Rovira captures the imagination of children onboard. And their questions and curiosity never ceases to surprise us!

Means of Transportation and Food & Beverage

A classic wooden boat, in service since 1970, carries families during our trip. It has the benefit of maximising space, with ninety-four passengers in 18 meters of length. Its most salient feature is the fact that it provides comfort and minimises fuel consumption. Still, we would love to see an improvement of alternative energies in ships as we see on road vehicles. This would be paramount in helping the sea become the protected space from fossil fuel for which we strive.

Beverages are scored on the basis of source, waste management and water consumption. Similarly, food sourcing, the exclusion of endangered species in our menus and reusable containers are scored.

Guiding and Accessibility

In order to guarantee the quality of the experience delivered to clients, guides need to prove site-specific knowledge, be trained and knowledgeable. In that respect, certifications and qualifications play a key role. Additionally, they must ensure appropriate intercultural exchange with locals and be aware of special features in natural sites.

Accessibility continues to pose a challenge for us. While we have been able to make our snorkelling activity available to non-swimmers and to infants and elder people, we are not fully satisfied. Wheelchair access is as of yet unresolved and it is always painful and difficult to exclude anybody. While access to the boat will soon be possible, the experience at sea poses a much bigger problem.


TUI is committed to the welfare of all kinds of animals that are somehow involved in the activities. To that effect, the Family boat trip had to take a hard look at our interaction with species. Most of the species passengers learn about during our presentation are seen during the snorkelling tour. The tour leader points at species as they swim by and selects skeletons of sea urchins and shells to illustrate the tour. Finally, we have decided to show small pieces of Posidonia or Neptune grass given its crucial importance to the ecosystem. In all, we feel that it is possible to provide a unique experience for children in bringing them closer to live species without threatening their integrity.

Conclusion about the TUI diploma

The TUI sustainability diploma is awarded only after a thorough analysis of a company’s practices. It is hard to obtain a perfect score and it certainly provides a code of ethics to which aspire. For Meet the Sea, it has pointed out a number of areas where improvement can be made. And towards that goal we will endeavour as the season begins.

Meet the Sea 2023 begins

Meet the Sea 2023 begins a new exciting season looking to expand its message of education and entertainment at sea.

We will start in May 2023 the fourth season of our Family Boat trip with renewed energy and determination. As always, aiming to produce moments of exhilaration for the whole family as they jointly discover underwater beauty and forge a great memory. We long to see the faces of children looking at a sea urchin for the first time and learning about the importance of Posidonia (Neptune grass). Or identifying the elusive rainbow wrasse while mastering the use of mask and snorkel.

The values of Meet the Sea 2023

Education about marine life is certainly the main goal at Meet the Sea. But equally important is the personal growth experienced by children swimming in open seas. The security and confidence they acquire as they look back from the boat at the distance they just covered. The initial discomfort and perhaps even fear they feel when looking at unusual sea depths, later overcome and turned into pride and self-belief. We like to think that during the four hours of our boat trip they grow up a little. Perhaps even discover a new hobby or passion that will be important in their lives going forward.

Parents are very important to us. They take the initial step of exposing their children to a journey of fun, growth and education. Crucially, they also make a conscious decision to forge the personality of new individuals aware of the importance of the environment in our times. During the boat trip, it is not uncommon to hear Dad say “I came for my children, but this was great for me to!” and this makes us particularly happy, as we look for a family moment. Mom is usually the decision maker, our studies show, and her intuition proves right.

We hope to have you onboard as Meet the sea 2023 begins. We sincerely belief you will find your expectations met and hopefully exceeded. Our team will contribute to the success of your day with passion and enthusiasm. See you at sea!

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White seabream

Scientific name: Diplodus sargus

It is a silver fish with fine dark vertical lines along the entire body and a small black spot both at the base of the tail and on the face. It normally lives on the coast, where the waves break mainly in rocky areas but also in posidonia meadows. It feeds on bivalves, urchins, starfish, algae. Young specimens are omnivores and adults are carnivores.


Younger fish live more in groups than adults and can act as cleaners of parasites for other fish. It is one of the most frequent catches in the sport of spearfishing.

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Gilthead seabream

Scientific name: Sparus aurata

It is very sociable and lives in small groups on sandy bottoms up to 30 meters deep. It mainly feeds on bivalves which it digs up with its powerful tail and grinds with its strong teeth. It also feeds on algae and posidonia. Its size can reach 70 cm and its weight ranges between 5 and 8 kg.


In addition to the row of teeth on its jaw, it also has teeth on the palate.

Discover more marine species in our section Species we see, and
if you are interested in the world of fish you have a lot of information in FishBase.

Conger eel

Scientific name: Conger conger

Dark gray and whitish on the belly. The activity of the conger eel begins at dusk, looking for prey coming out of its cleft in areas near the coast, where there is more variety of food. Their diet is based on fish, octopus and squid. They live in depths from 1 to 1,000 meters.


Although it is very resistant to wounds, it usually has scars caused by the suction cups of its favorite food, squid.

Discover more marine species in our section Species we see, and
if you are interested in the world of fish you have a lot of information in FishBase.

Bluefin tuna

Scientific name: Thunnus thynuus

It has a solid torpedo-shaped body that allows it to move very quickly. Its low body temperature of 21 degrees allows it to enter cold waters and make long migrations. They move in schools with specimens of the same size and feed on other schools of fish such as hake and anchovies.


It is one of the largest fish in the open sea and reaches up to 80km/h in speed. They can live up to 15 years.

Discover more marine species in our section Species we see, and
if you are interested in the world of fish you have a lot of information in FishBase.

Warty crab

Scientific name: Eriphia verrucosa

Warty Crab is shell is compact and its body is covered with small filaments, it can reach 10 cm in length. It has two strong claws that make it a great predator. This crab feeds on other crustaceans, mollusks, worms, and even small fish. It lives in rocks or cavities, usually near the coast or in breakers, never more than 15 m. deep.


It is a crustacean whose activity is greater at night and twilight hours. After brief excursions to territories near his hiding place, he collects his prey and drags them back to his cave.

Discover more marine species in our section Species we see, and
if you are interested in the world of fish you have a lot of information in FishBase.


Scientific name: Loligo vulgaris

It is a mollusk with a length of between 15 and 30 cm. It has 8 short arms and two extendable catching tentacles. It lives in waters close to the coast, from the surface of the sea up to 100 meters deep. It is a nocturnal predator that feeds on fish and prawns.


It moves by jet propulsion. When it feels in danger it expels ink to confuse its predators and flee.

Discover more marine species in our section Species we see, and
if you are interested in the world of fish you have a lot of information in FishBase.

Decathlon Ibiza

Decathlon Ibiza clients’ special offer for summer 2023 by Meet the Sea in selected experiences.

A bit of history:

The store’s arrival to Ibiza in 2012 was a true shift in paradigm for the island’s sports lovers. A huge surface entirely devoted to sports and, crucially, at great prices. The underlying philosophy of the store is one that we couldn’t agree with more: to make sports available to everyone at an affordable price.

Meet the Sea offer entertainment and education at sea. We do so with snorkelling at the centre of our boat activities and the taste of sports and adventure as our hallmark. We share with decathlon the love of sport and that is why we signed a cooperation agreement in November 2020.

Our masks, snorkels, paddle boards, body boards and clothing come from Decathlon. We consider them to be great value given their performance at sea. Perhaps one day Decathlon will see fit to further support Meet the Sea given our values of education, family, sustainability and ecotourism. One can only hope!

Why the discount?

Because if you love Decathlon, you will probably love us.

We have received enthusiastic reviews representing about 2,000 passengers last summer 2023. They are children and adults who love the sea, were thrilled to snorkel and enjoy 4hours of adventure.

Reviews outlined the same repeatedly: “great family memory”, “perfect combination of education and entertainment”, “loved the interaction with animals”. Come see for yourself and let us entice you with a discount for those who enjoy visiting the sports store in Ibiza.

Decathlon Ibiza discount code for Meet the Sea

Apply your discount code to earn a 10% discount in Family Boat trip San Antonio, Family Boat trip Santa Eulalia or Snorkel Adventure

Discount code: decathlonibiza2023

We are looking forward to sharing our adventures with us.