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Meet the Sea 2023 begins

Meet the Sea 2023 begins a new exciting season looking to expand its message of education and entertainment at sea.

We will start in May 2023 the fourth season of our Family Boat trip with renewed energy and determination. As always, aiming to produce moments of exhilaration for the whole family as they jointly discover underwater beauty and forge a great memory. We long to see the faces of children looking at a sea urchin for the first time and learning about the importance of Posidonia (Neptune grass). Or identifying the elusive rainbow wrasse while mastering the use of mask and snorkel.

The values of Meet the Sea 2023

Education about marine life is certainly the main goal at Meet the Sea. But equally important is the personal growth experienced by children swimming in open seas. The security and confidence they acquire as they look back from the boat at the distance they just covered. The initial discomfort and perhaps even fear they feel when looking at unusual sea depths, later overcome and turned into pride and self-belief. We like to think that during the four hours of our boat trip they grow up a little. Perhaps even discover a new hobby or passion that will be important in their lives going forward.

Parents are very important to us. They take the initial step of exposing their children to a journey of fun, growth and education. Crucially, they also make a conscious decision to forge the personality of new individuals aware of the importance of the environment in our times. During the boat trip, it is not uncommon to hear Dad say “I came for my children, but this was great for me to!” and this makes us particularly happy, as we look for a family moment. Mom is usually the decision maker, our studies show, and her intuition proves right.

We hope to have you onboard as Meet the sea 2023 begins. We sincerely belief you will find your expectations met and hopefully exceeded. Our team will contribute to the success of your day with passion and enthusiasm. See you at sea!

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