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Thank you summer of 2023

Thank you summer of 2023 for bringing smiling families eager to Meet the Sea and learn to enjoy and love its magic. We are so grateful for the determination and courage families show every day in discovering the experience of snorkelling. And, of course, we love that we get to share our passion for the sea with all of you.

Meet the Sea is about education and entertainment at sea. As soon as we leave our berth in the port of San Antonio we present to our audience some of the marine species we see underwater. Neptune grass, painted comber, octopus, sea cucumber and others are explained and shown in photographs. We love to see the faces of children fill with anticipation!

The guided snorkelling tour, designed by our marine biologist, is the centrepiece of the Family Boat trip. Small groups of families follow the lead guide in a voyage of underwater discovery of creatures and sea plants of dazzling colours. Children -and adults- see through their masks a new world unfold before their eyes, often in the pristine waters of the natural reserve of Conejera or Conillera island.

Personal growth during summer 2023

This summer of 2023 we place particular emphasis on the personal growth of children on board. We want to help dispel fear of the sea and of the experience of swimming in open waters. And we never fail to marvel at the display of courage and perseverance we witness. Astonishingly, we see sceptical children at the beginning of the trip turn into heroes in a few hours.

The sea invites children to strengthen their self-confidence, build their character and develop their risk assessment skills. We try as a team to encourage and motivate children to join us in our guided tour to develop new aspects of their personality. Our objective is always to create an environment of challenge and self-discovery through comfort and safety.

Entertainment is always present during the trip. It may come for adults through paddle surfing or brought by our pirate during the treasure hunt for the little ones. The stunning views of the bay of San Antonio are a source of mental repose and relaxation. Finally, to recover from all the emotions we experience during the trip, a healthy and energetic lunch is necessary. Enjoy it between all the activities!

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