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Decathlon Ibiza clients’ special offer for summer 2023 by Meet the Sea in selected experiences.

A bit of history:

The store’s arrival to Ibiza in 2012 was a true shift in paradigm for the island’s sports lovers. A huge surface entirely devoted to sports and, crucially, at great prices. The underlying philosophy of the store is one that we couldn’t agree with more: to make sports available to everyone at an affordable price.

Meet the Sea offer entertainment and education at sea. We do so with snorkelling at the centre of our boat activities and the taste of sports and adventure as our hallmark. We share with decathlon the love of sport and that is why we signed a cooperation agreement in November 2020.

Our masks, snorkels, paddle boards, body boards and clothing come from Decathlon. We consider them to be great value given their performance at sea. Perhaps one day Decathlon will see fit to further support Meet the Sea given our values of education, family, sustainability and ecotourism. One can only hope!

Why the discount?

Because if you love Decathlon, you will probably love us.

We have received enthusiastic reviews representing about 2,000 passengers last summer 2023. They are children and adults who love the sea, were thrilled to snorkel and enjoy 4hours of adventure.

Reviews outlined the same repeatedly: “great family memory”, “perfect combination of education and entertainment”, “loved the interaction with animals”. Come see for yourself and let us entice you with a discount for those who enjoy visiting the sports store in Ibiza.

Decathlon Ibiza discount code for Meet the Sea

Apply your discount code to earn a 10% discount in Family Boat trip San Antonio, Family Boat trip Santa Eulalia or Snorkel Adventure

Discount code: decathlonibiza2023

We are looking forward to sharing our adventures with us.

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