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A great 2022 Family boat trip season!

Meet the Sea concluded its wonderful summer season with the last Family Boat trip on October 25th.

We want to thank all those smiling families and courageous children for visiting us during this past wonderful summer. At the start of our third season, back in May, we hoped to continue offering a family adventure that would educate in marine life while entertaining. From your many generous reviews we derive a sense of accomplishment that will only continue to motivate us for the future.

We have seen faces of delight in so many children that witnessed different animals in complete freedom during our guided snorkelling tour. Watching the sea urchin moving its spikes, figuring out the hidden beauty of the sea cucumber or being lucky enough to spot a starfish were moments greeted with surprise and joy by all!

We want to thank the parents of those children that visited us. You took the first step in deciding that marine life education was important for your children and offered them the chance to enlarge their courage and imagination. You perhaps had to convince many of them that no, there were no sharks, and that swimming in open seas is no different to swimming in the pool. I think we can all agree that their attitude during the trip was one of curiosity, of bravery and of eagerness to learn more about what they had just seen.

The Family Boat trip is a family activity. One of joint discovery, of joy shared between all members and of all age groups. We will continue to try to improve our message, find new species to show, new spots to drop our anchor and new ways to reach the heart of the future guardians of our planet.

Until 2023!

We also want to thank our wonderful partners, TUI and W2M for their hard work and dedication to expanding the message of the importance of children’s environmental education.

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