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IV Marine Forum Ibiza 2022: The future of the Sea

November 4 , 2022

The IV Marine Forum took place in Ibiza November 3rd and 4th to debate the future of the sea and the role that each one of us can play in securing a brighter future for humanity.

The Centro Cultural de Jesus in Ibiza saw Inma Saranova, Ibiza Preservation Foundation director, start the proceedings with a brief introduction to speakers and guests and welcoming a group of seventy local teenagers eager to contribute to the decision making process of the protection of the sea. Inma introduced Carmen Ferrer, mayor of Santa Eulalia, who stressed the importance of the role of institutions in improving the speed of implementation of policies and laws to protect Ibiza’s maritime heritage.

Manu San Félix, world renowned marine biologist and staunch defender of the seas for decades, was the familiar face that led a fascinating discussion with Maximiliano Bello, policy advisor for the Mission Blue/ Sylvia Earle Alliance. As Maximiliano put it in the words of Sylvia Earle, “there is no green without blue” and therefore the destiny of our planet is irrevocably attached to our protection of the sea. Threats posed by overfishing, pollution and climate warming can efficiently be compensated to a large extent by the cooperation of national governments in striking agreements for the creation of marine reserves around the world. The benefit of reserves not only relies on the safeguarding of the area covered by the reserve but crucially on the spill over effect of new species enriching the surrounding waters.

A truly emotional act followed with the presentation of local companies whose sustainable projects are a strong reminder of the positive impact we can spark with entrepreneurial spirit. Maximiliano Juarez of Another round spoke with determination and heartfelt concern about his company’s mission to recycle glass with clever new applications. Luca Criscuolo of Etikology reminded us to dress in harmony with nature and abandon the tremendous and unnecessary amount of clothing drowning our planet. Matías Burgos of Agua KMZero illustrated the impact of his company in a recent golfing event in Mallorca: 29,000 plastic bottles were avoided to quench the thirst of the public as instead, recycled and filtered water as well as refills were the key to avoid an unnecessary use of plastic.

Finally, Marzia Lami and Josep Cartoixá of Plataforma Ciutadana Formentera presented an organisation that aims to restore traditional “llauts” and other boats to their former glory to showcase them in a projected museum and workshop. This initiative would be a huge step in preserving the vanishing local profession of “mestre d’aixa” or naval artisan of small boats, and just as crucially, to remind new generations of our proud history in the construction and repair of vessels. The act brilliantly presented by journalist Arnau Camarena came to an end with the presence of Coco Francavilla, a woman “half artist half scientist” as she defined herself, of Música para el mar, an initiative to seek funding for the protection of our Posidonia Oceanica or Neptune grass through her work as music composer and cooperation with international musicians and Dj’s.

A fantastic morning that continued after coffee break. So many interesting projects and people from Ibiza and Formentera and a glimpse of hope for the future of the Ibiza sea. Thank you IV Marine Forum Ibiza and all participants!

Our respect to all those who, through their hard work, continue to show their commitment to safeguarding the future of our oceans at this year’s marine forum. Special thanks to the organisers and promotors of the event: Ibiza & Formentera Preservation Foundation, Marilles Foundation, Pacha Foundation, OD group, Trasmapi, The White Angel, Marina Ibiza y Vellmarí

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