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Posidonia under threat

January 29th, 2023. Posidonia under threat of extinction in the Mediterranean if water temperatures maintain current levels seen during summer 2022.

An article published today in Diario de Mallorca and Diario de Ibiza underlined the impact of high sea temperatures registered last summer. “Water temperatures above 28 or 29 degrees will kill Posidonia Oceanica” stated the Citizen Assembly for Mallorca Climate. The association, led by a group of experts in marine and terrestrial ecosystems, keeps track of daily water temperatures in the Balearics.

Experts observed during the meeting held in Sineu, Mallorca, that a high of 31,4 degrees Celsius or 88,5 Fahrenheit had been recorded this summer near the island of Dragonera. This temperature is the highest recorded in the area. By 2050, if temperatures keep rising at this pace, Posidonia will disappear completely.

It is important to note that temperatures are rising since the 80’s at a pace of half a degree per decade. However, local expert Miquel Tur, owner of the Cap Blanc Aquarium, thinks this is understated. During our interview with him, he stated that water temperatures at the aquarium rise consistently above that pace. “We are closer to one degree per decade since we started measuring in the 80’s” said Miquel.

We, at Meet the Sea, always start our Family boat trip presentation with Posidonia. It is crucial to underline the importance of this 80,000 year old sea plant in protecting our seas. It produces more oxygen than the equivalent area of the Amazon forest, thereby keeping our waters crystal clear. In its core we often find during our snorkelling tours creatures of all sizes and variety. The lush and thick meadows are key in softening the impact of winter waves and minimising coastal erosion.

Our pledge to Posidonia Oceanica in Ibiza

We are fortunate enough to be out at sea frequently during the summer months with our clients. 12 boat trips in 2020, 29 in 2021 and 82 in 2022 and we hope that 2023 will continue to strengthen that trend. Meet the sea will take water temperatures every time we are at sea. We will measure and record water temperature in the bay of Sant Antoni, near Torre d’en Rovira.

As usual, we will continue to pick up from the ocean floor filled with Posidonia all objects we often find. Children are the protagonists of our boat trips and their commitment to ocean clean-ups is unwavering. We welcomed over 1,000 children last summer onboard and their faith is our pride. We can make a difference and we shall. Our Posidonia under threat need not be acceptable to us.

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