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10 reasons to book us in 2023

10 reasons to book us in 2023 and enjoy any of our Meet the Sea experiences. Our acclaimed Family Boat trip, the new Snorkelling Adventure for adults or a Group Private Charter.

  1. Clients are always right… and they have spoken! We are truly thankful for the time a lot of our dear clients put in to write detailed and lengthy reviews. Whether in our website, or in online travel agents like Get Your Guide and Trip Advisor, everyone has been truly supportive and encouraging. And we do not forget those that write to us directly to our Facebook page or Google business site!
  2. A must for families with a taste for adventure. The Family Boat trip is and ideal 4-hour adventure for the whole family. Departing from san Antonio and heading to the natural reserve of Conejera island, or the legendary Torre d’en Rovira, the seas are beautiful, pristine and waiting for you. The snorkelling guided tour designed by our marine biologist is an experience to remember.
  3. Challenge yourself to brave the seas. Do not just stay by the hotel pool sipping cocktails and enjoying the great restaurants of the island, although that’s a great plan as well! Have a look at the joyful faces of children and adults alike in our Instagram. They tell you that they are happy, proud after snorkelling, swimming in deep waters, feeling free and elated!
  4. Experience personal growth while having fun. Swimming in open seas is not for everyone… or is it? Our team is there to make you feel safe, supported and encouraged to take the plunge into the sea. You feel so good about yourself when you have set a new personal achievement and enlarge your personality. Not to mention the combination of thrill, beauty and inner peace you will experience.
  5. Strengthen your ties with nature and the sea. We all need it. Just listening to your breath through the snorkel while you look at the bottom of the sea is truly special. Feeling the elation of water around you and the minerals that restore your physical and mental health. It’s well worth it.
  6. Learn about and interact with so many marine species! Understand why the Posidonia plant keeps our waters pristine or learn the habits of the beautiful sea urchin and see it from up close. Do you know what a rainbow wrasse is or why they call it the dentist fish? we often see starfish and our friend the octopus… you are sure to see in complete freedom and interact with at least ten species.
  7. Enjoy a truly curated experience at a reasonable price. We take pride in our job of sharing with you our love for the sea and we are told it shows! We leave nothing to chance and we strive to organise your experience to maximise your fun.
  8. Our NEW snorkelling adventure. Only for adults, this one we designed as a semi-private adventure departing from a place near you by car/van. If you do not like boats or get seasick, or if you fancy a morning with a bit of adventure and exercise in a secluded spot, this one’s for you! Our marine biologist has selected a handful of the best places in Ibiza to snorkel like a pro. And we do so secretly and in total peace while surrounded by beauty above and below sea level.
  9. If you are in a large group with friends or family, why not enjoy privately? The group private charter allows you to enjoy the Meet the Sea experience with all its content and within the privacy of your group. Write to us wether you are celebrating a special occasion or just wanting to have a great day at sea. You are sure to find goo value with us.
  10. Do your bit for the environment! We are committed to nature and the sea. To underwater beauty and the preservation of the marine species that inhabit the sea. We want to bring to ibiza and to you a new way to understand tourism, ecologically and respectfully. We are strongly committed to your personal development and holiday experience.

10 reasons to book with us in 2023 are now in your hands… and we truly hope we can see you onboard or snorkelling with us this summer! Until then.

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