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Pacha Ibiza

Pacha Ibiza clients’ special offer for summer 2023 by Meet the Sea in selected experiences.

A bit of history

Pacha Ibiza was founded in 1973, and the sleepy island was no more. The risky bet of genius entrepreneur Ricardo Urgell confused a few locals back then: it was too far from town. You have to picture an old farmhouse in the fields…in what is now a club surrounded by residential buildings.

The stories are true: two policeman wanted to shut the club in the 70’s because there was not enough light to read the newspaper. Later that decade it was equally threatened because two men had been seen dancing together. Spain was coming out of the dark ages and Pacha was leading the change.

The 80’s are the decade of our founder’s youth. And what a decade it was! Thank you for the fun, the music and the beautiful people with whom we laughed.

The club we admire led social change and brought joy through music. Ibiza is tolerance, extravagance and freedom thanks to the legendary club.

Why the Pacha Ibiza offer

We share the spirit of Pacha and of his founder as we spent some of the best nights of our lives there in the 80’s. We think that Meet the Sea’s philosophy is largely influenced by Ibiza and Pacha.

The combination of sea and nightlife is the backbone of your Ibiza experience and we want to suggest our sea adventures. We have enjoyed the sea of Ibiza for decades and want to share what we feel with you.

Have a look and come join us!

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We are thrilled to welcome you in any of our experiences soon!