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Colonya Caixa Pollença Ethic Savings

Colonya Caixa Pollença “Ethic Savings” program provides funding for small local companies committed to social inclusion and sustainability.

On Friday, 5th of May 2023 the annual “Ethic savings” awards hosted by Caixa Pollença took place at Apfem Ibiza. We are honoured to be one of the companies who received funding based on our commitment to social content and sustainability.

What is Colonya Caixa Pollença Ethic Savings?

Colonya Caixa Pollença is a savings bank based in the island of Majorca with presence in all the Balearic islands. Colonya’s relatively small size allows for a truly personalised relationship and bespoke services for their local client base.

We started our relationship with Colonya back in 2020, when Meet the Sea sought funding our Family boat trip. A difficult moment for us all, as rumours of the pandemic were about to translate into lockdown. With the new season only a few months away, we were grateful and surprised that our loan went ahead. And in July, Meet the Sea organised its maiden trip thanks in part to the support of Colonya.

“Estalvi ètic” or Ethical savings is a scheme pioneered by Colonya to fund small companies based in Majorca, Minorca and Ibiza. These companies promote equality, opportunity for the disadvantaged, sustainability or commitment to the environment. Any of these areas as main corporate objective warrants the consideration of Colonya’s Ethic committee for financial support.

This is how it works: Clients donate 20 € per year to the cause. Additionally, the bank lends 5% of their insurance premiums, 0,35% of their loan revenue and 5 € per very card issued. And that brings the 2023 total to a sum of 413,000 € destined entirely to applying companies.

Ethic savings distribution criteria

An external and therefore independent committee sets the rules and criteria for a favourable decision. Crucially, companies must show actions that favor inclusion and sustainability in their actions. It is Colonya’s way to favour ethical banking practices applied to small local companies. And this year, 142 companies from Mallorca, 32 from Minorca and 24 from Ibiza obtained a welcome surplus.

We want to congratulate Colonya for a palpable and direct action to promote ethical banking. Finally, we join other companies in Ibiza in thanking them for supporting our cause. Onwards with education and entertainment at sea for families around the world.

Memories of 2022

Memories of 2022 and the long summer that was onboard Meet the Sea. In the video below are some of the highlights of our Family Boat trip around the sea of Ibiza and some of the stories that made us smile.

Remembering summer with Meet the Sea

We are all aware of the digital advances of our era and the profound changes they imply in children’s education. I personally marvel at the means available to teachers and students today when I think of my classroom. I also feel that children across Europe and the UK are today more outspoken, independent and willing to discover. It is crucial that these innate qualities and the excellent support obtained in school find completion with a strong relationship with our planet. That is perhaps the main reason Meet the Sea exists. Our desire to provide an experience and memories that will awaken or stoke a child’s curiosity for the sea.

I am in awe of the courage shown by so many children during our Family Boat trip. Dropping anchor in 30 feet of water poses a challenge for many, no matter how beautiful and secluded the spot. So many questions thrown at our guides as we get ready to snorkel: are there sharks? How deep is it? Why is the water dark over there? And despite their initial hesitation, we soon saw them with their mask following our guide. How proud I felt of these courageous children! How wise of their parents to support, motivate and push them to discover and challenge their fears!

Once in the water it is important that children get to see marine life from up close: It is important to understand the role of Posidonia Oceanica or Neptune grass in our environment. Or to witness the slow movements of the sea urchin as they seek protection. All of these small wonders help the young ones develop empathy for the creatures below and develop their love and concern for the environment.

Summer memories of 2022 onboard were about open blue skies and pristine waters. They were also about secluded bays that make us feel unique and that convey a sense of exclusivity to our holiday. And certainly also about discovering a number o species probably unknown to most. But perhaps more importantly they were about the personal growth experienced by children who challenged their fears. The satisfaction they felt for braving the depths of the sea and the unknown. The curiosity that thrilled them when discovering a new world. And perhaps the beginning of new horizons deployed in their limitless imagination.

Our thanks to Visit Sant Antoni for some of the pictures depicted in the video above and especially to our onboard photographer Jesica for her daily work.

Meet the Sea at the World Travel Market 2022

November 13, 2022

Meet the Sea attended the World Travel Market 2022 at the Excel in London to explore new horizons and partners for next season.

What a great show November 7th, 8th and 9th at the Excel! Meet the Sea made the Ibiza stand its point of departure every morning and familiar faces were there to jump start our day with a smile. As always, our island ‘s representatives were actively promoting Ibiza’s attractions and new developments for tourists around the world. Interesting exchanges about the recently concluded summer season took place between our founder with Carmen Ferrer, mayoress of Santa Eulalia and Vicente Guasch, president of Santa Eulalia empresarial. Our friends Alejandro Sancho and Alba Noguera of Invisa hoteles and Rocío of San Antonio City hall were also part of this highly energised group of Ibiza lovers.

The World Travel Market is and endless source of lead generation: We were thrilled to meet with Florian Piper and Franklin Baeckman of Oceanwide expeditions, a company that for the past thirty years has organised fantastic adventures to both poles in their ships and with whom we envision a cooperation very soon. Oliver Sassen, CEO of Ocean Advice and member of the board of United Rivers, opened the doors to Meet the Sea’s plans of future growth with their cruise ship under construction and our goal to a debut season in cruise experience for Meet the Sea lovers in summer 2025.

We began to build our plans for future expansion to other harbours in the coast of Spain with a conversation with Pilar Carrión, executive consultant for tourism promotion of the Costa del sol. Also at the show were Graham Mckenzie of Travelmole, Lami Çunaku, Patricia Ramos and Natalia Burgues of VAS Dmc, as well as Annette Schmid and Daniela Menez of Amstar Dmc. A true pleasure to have had the chance to talk to all of you and learn more about each of your companies!

We are left with the impression that WTM 2022 was a very well organised event and a great opportunity for Meet the Sea to expand our horizons and let the world know about our mission to educate and entertain at sea with our activities specifically designed for families. We are grateful for the support we received and accolades for our Family Boat trip!

Finally, we had time in London after the show to spend time with long-time friends Mehul Patel and Matt Cheung. A very special thanks to Mehul Patel, CEO of Newsquawk for his hospitality and advice over the years, as well as Jack Maddox for his contribution to our website. Thanks also to Matt Cheung, CEO at Ipushpull, for his thoughtful analysis of future endeavours for Meet the Sea!