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Cafe del Mar

Cafe del Mar clients’ special offer for summer 2023 by Meet the Sea in selected experiences.

A bit of history:

The café was founded in 1980, right on the promenade that faces the island of Sa Conillera(or Conejera). At the time nothing could make you suspect what the promenade would become.

A different kind of beat started to sound at sunset time, towards 1988 the first time we heard it. People would look at one another and wonder what sound was playing that made the sunset magic. And then they would get up, talk to the DJ and walk away with cassette tapes recorded there. The rest is history as chill out or sunset sessions began to add another dimension to our lives.

Ibiza music history cannot be understood without San Antonio’s club and bar names that sprung in the 60’s. But Café del mar was the brand that made that portion of coast known around the world.

Why the discount?

Café del Mar was the place where Meet the Sea founders liked to spend time in the summers of the 80’s and 90’s. Today the bay of San Antonio is where our boats offer unforgettable daily sea experiences. And every time we sail by Café del Mar we smile to ourselves and remember the magic of the place.

Memories are not all we share with Café del mar. We also share values: discovery, adventure and sea. Those three ingredients are part of of all our experiences. That is why we want to invite like-minded clients to enjoy our understanding of Ibiza beauty. And to do so with a small discount to help you take the step!

Meet the Sea experiences and your discount code:

Apply your discount code to earn a 10% discount in Family Boat trip San Antonio, Family Boat trip Santa Eulalia or Snorkelling Adventure.

Discount code: cafedelmar2023

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